Cartelle ed esami clinici della Sig. Elisabetta Mari.
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Health data repository Sig.ra Elisabetta Mari

Cartelle ed esami clinici della Sig.ra Elisabetta Mari. Per contatti


Elizabeth Mari female

Born in Florence on 13-07-1968 at 2.25 at night

Father aged 86, suffering from normotensive glaucoma discovered at the age of 65 and treated with eye pressure drops. His mother and grandmother (mother of his mother) both died blind without knowing the cause. Other relevant diseases of the father: chronic colitis and vitiligo, senile dementia caused by a head injury, irascible and authoritarian character, drinker of a liter of wine a day.

80 year old mother suffering from many diseases! She underwent more than 22 surgeries: uterus removal for fibroma, liver and gall bladder calculations, hallux valgus, reconstruction of the abdomen for disemboweling, heart attack with cardiac arrest. Diseases of autoimmune blood (self-destruction of red blood cells), hypothyroidism, seborrheic dermatitis, joint pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity, bulimic tendency, anxiety, etc.

Stereotypical day:

wake up at 8.30

9 am breakfast with fruit and yogurt and two cups of coffee alf herbal cooffee, sometimes rice milk or oat milk.

twenty minutes by bicycle to get to work from 10 to 15 employed part time, 5 hours in the computer office a coffee around 12 o'clock a coffee twenty minutes of bike back home around 15.30 around 17,00 meals (vegetables with rice, vegetables with lentils or chickpeas, vegetables with wholemeal pasta, salad, about once a week a fish baked in. Sometimes, about once every two months, wine or a beer with friends)

reading and writing on the computer or solving family problems, commissions for parents etc.

20-20.30 hours meditation

writing on the computer or readings or friends during the evening sometimes a piece of chocolate or a dessert

Before sleeping sacred readings or prayers

Hours 24.30 / 1.30 sleep.

Regular sleep. Respiratory problems, for allergies and apneas. If over stressed the sleep breaks with sudden awakenings at 4.30. Then it resumes with difficulty.

During the day smokes about 7-8 average cigarettes (sometimes two or three sometimes 10-12, it all depends)

Saturdays and Sundays are dedicated to writing, reading, theatrical rehearsals, spiritual retreats, friends and rest. In spring, and summer walks in the woods or by the sea. in autumn, winter often stays at home.

The HealthCare Story

In **November 2014 and January 2015 **I was visited by Dr. Allegranti of Florence and Prof. Rizzo, ophthalmologist of Pisa. The field of vision had been reduced to an upper arciform shape both on the right and on the left by about 30 percent. The OCT exam detected excavation and thinning of the optic nerve in both eyes. Both ophthalmologists diagnosed normotensive glaucoma, with intra ocular pressure between 12 and 14. I was treated with the eye drops Latay and Azopt. My doubt was on a diagnosis of itself contradictory (glaucoma = high blood pressure but I have low blood pressure) and rushed (a quarter of an hour visit).

In May 2015 I turned to the center of Parma glaucoma. The professor. Gandolfi, primary of the center, had doubts about the diagnosis and made investigations to check if there were any sudden pressure peaks. In particular, he gave me a water stress test and one in supination both negative because no pressure peaks occurred. Gandolfi's doubts were due to the following circumstances:

  • young age (46 years old)
  • stable pressure at 12 even under stress

previous traumas on the eyes that could have damaged the optic nerve and therefore may have been a one-off trauma that had caused loss of visual field (the two events had been: head injury in 2011 with fracture of the left eye orbital floor and operation in microsurgery facial to replace the orbital floor + in 2002 a right eye exophthalmos due to the disease of basedow, hyperthyroidism regressed in 2004 thanks to Chinese cures).

Gandolfi took the decision of waiting two years for verifying the course of the visual field every 4 months because according to him it was dangerous to condemn me at a young age to the eye drops without having the certainty that it was a pressure problem and that it was actually a glaucoma. He suspected it was an autoimmune vasculitis and asked me to investigate that way.

During the following two years I was followed in Florence by Dr. Roberta Pasqualetti of the Meyer hospital in Florence who has always found the regular ocular pressure 12-13. I performed the blood tests prescribed by the immunology department to investigate autoimmune vasculitis and dry eye syndrome. The ANTIANA value has been altered to 1: 680 versus 1: 120. It is the value of auto antibodies that marks the presence of an autoimmune disease without however detecting it. After further investigation, I was allergic to mites, flower and plant pollens, dog and cat fur. The allergy and the presence of an episode of vitiligo on the skin led Dr. Parronchi of Immunology to conclude that, being a subject very allergic to mites present all year and having had in the past the disease of basedow, the data ANTIANA altered is not significant. At the same time it excluded vasculitis, which was negative for the test. Meanwhile, Dr. Pasqualetti optometrist who follows my case in Florence, had suspected bad breathing and sleep apnea that could cause pressure surges during my sleep, so, I investigated in that too. I was visited by Prof. Gallo an ear doctor at the Careggi hospital and the polysomnogram examination. The camera visit highlighted the left nostril occluded by deviation of the nasal septum and the right nostril occluded by cysts. The polysomnogram examination showed slight snoring and nocturnal apneas one every hour but not of such intensity as to be pathological. Cardiac nocturnal arrhythmias have been highlighted. Both the ENT and the immunologist have prescribed a treatment with antihistamines by mouth and nasal spray as well as recommending a nose operation that I have not done and I do not think to do for now.

In January 2018 I saw again prof. Gandolfi carrying all the documentation and while he was visiting me it happened that a capillary broke and he noticed residuals of blood clots at the base of the optic nerve sign of previous microhaemorrhages. At that moment the pressure on the right eye was at 20. In practice a pressure peak occurred while visiting me. After examining the visual fields performed every four months for two years, Dr Gandolfi noted the rapid deterioration in the two years that doubled the black part of the visual field reaching the central point in the right eye and 50 percent of blindness. Therefore he prescribed the eye drops for Azopt glaucoma. The worsening mainly affected the right eye, which went up to a 50 percent of black while the left suffered minor fluctuations and can be considered fairly stable.

My Questions

Is there a diagnosis that includes the causes of this disease? Why does eye pressure suddenly rise?

Is there a different cure from the eye drops and the operation?

An experimentation, the stem cells, the modification of the DNA ... Until now, the official medicine has not found a cure but it dcan only treat the symptoms . can the optic nerve regenerate?

Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine instead see the cause of the ilness in the liver-kidny area.

I'm also seeking for a cure in that direction, but there the problem.

There are no medicines available, because the European laws that prohibit the usege of some of the main Ayurvedic medicine components.